Tenant Screening & Online Background Check Services

We provide the most comprehensive reports you will find anywhere which include online background checks, tenant background screening services with full credit reports, and employment background check reports which are ideal for employers want to conduct employee screening.  Our tenant check verification and personal background searches are extremely helpful for anyone seeking to uncover the personal background history for any person or company within the United States.  Our clients include a national tenant network of landlords, property owners/managers, employers, judgment enforcers, attorneys, skip tracers, private investigators, and a broad range of private individuals who need the very best online background check data on any particular person or business entity.

Extensive Personal Background Investigations to Reduce Your Risk and Prevent Fraudfeaturing comprehensive, nationwide data in all background searches

Our reporting is extremely extensive and covers detailed personal and company history for the subject(s) that you provide for us to investigate.  Each background search report is carefully prepared by our private investigators.  The report that we provide for you is not only extremely current info about your subject, but it also includes historical data that may extend as far a 30+ years into the past.  This data is derrived from thousands of different sources which include nationwide court records (State, Federal, & Bankruptcy courts), utility and telephone records (land based and cellular phones), public filings, voter registrations, secretary of state filings, DMV registrations, ficitious business names, IRS tax liens, state tax liens, weapons permits, marriage/divorce records, county recorders, property taxation, social security administration SSN validation, and a large compilation of many other public records.

Our Specialed Reporting Uncovers Hidden Details about Your Subject’s Track Record

Every Online Background Check and Pre Employment Screening that we produce covers a very thorough nationwide background search for criminal history, court judgments, evictions, bankruptcy filings, tax liens, foreclosures, residence history, real estate ownership records, relatvies, and persons who are associated with your subject.  This skip tracing quality report will provide extremely current informaiton about your subject’s current home address, as well as provide a listing of all other household members.

We Help Provide You with the Confidence You Need to Make Well Informed Decisions About Your Applicants

Unfortunately, we live in a world that is filled with dishonest people who are not going to voluntarily give you the vital information that you need to make good decisions.  This is true whether you are a landlord, employer, judgment creditor, or private individual needing to verify and investige the history of your subject of interest. Landlord tenant screening includes renter credit report with FICO score

Each Tenant Screening Report for landlords includes a background check desribed above plus a full tenant credit check which contains a renter credit report with FICO score.  This credit check for renters requires a signed rental application form or permission from your rental applicant that grants authority to run credit in the resident screening.

*TIP: If you are experienced in managing rental property, it is very likely that you have experienced rental applicants who refuse to provide you with a signed rental application needed for completing a tenant credit check.  We strongly encoourage landlords to collect a fee from their prospective tenants along with a signed lease application.