Tenant Screening Services for Landlords

Most so-called tenant background check companies do not provide rental clients with the relevant data that they should have to make the proper decisions about their prospective rental applicants.  Current and comprehensive data is far more expensive and challenging to obtain.  It doesn’t make any sense to screen tenants from data that is not derrived from natiowide sources.   For example, national criminal records are mandatory, or else the background investigation becomes an exercise in futility.   This is also true as to the importance of our nationwide search for  money judgments and evictions. People are mobile in today’s society and this requres data that spans all 50 states.

Landlords can obtain a rental applicants credit with a signed rental application granting permission to run credit.

Each Renter Screening Report includes:

TENANT CREDIT CHECK – full credit report with a FICO score derrived from the nations largest 3 credit bureuas (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax)  and specifically lists current and past collection accounts, deliquencies, and current accounts with tradelines.

*NATIONAL CRIMINAL REPORT – a thorough search for all criminal records, arrests, felonies, and incarcerations with the date(s), court case numbers, and court locations.

*NATIONAL CIVIL RECORDS – covering all relevant court filings such as judgments, evictions, bankrutpcy filings as well as foreclosures, state and IRS tax liens, UCC liens.

*DETAILED ADDRESS HISTORY – this provides the dates of residence along with any other household members.

*SSN VERIFICATION – this process also cross references the correct date of birth, and other proprietary attributes of the rental applicant to insure that your applicant is the person that he or she represents themselves to be.

*RED FLAG ALERTS – provides our landlord clients with warnings that may signal high risk items found within the background check portion of the report which indicate high risk appllcants.

*EMPLOYMENT HISTORY – this also includes a listing of any professional licenses, corporate officer listings and company affiliations filed with the secretary of state.

*HISTORY OF REAL ESTATE OWNERSHIP – lists all properties owned in the name of the applicant and includes property sale price, amount of mortgage, lender, and transaction dates.

*DMV, BOAT, AND AIRCRAFT REGISTRATIONS - this portion of the report is dependant upon the respective state laws which permit the release of this data which will appear in each report when permissible.